United Skates
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United Skates

Chauvel Cinemas
Fri Oct 12 7:00 PM

Chauvel Cinema 1
General Admission
All Ages
90 Mins | USA | 2018 | 15 + | Sydney Premiere
Fri Oct 12

With fantastic skate sequences and personal stories from passionate community rollers, it’s little wonder this took out Tribeca’s Audience Award. Whether freewheeling to the emerging sounds of hip hop and and a yet-to-be-famous Dr Dre in the DJ booth, or the strains of r’n’b and Beyoncé more recently, Black rollerskating spaces long provided a haven for many, while also giving rise to some of the world’s greatest musical talents. When America’s last standing roller rinks are threatened with closure, thousands are compelled to join together in a racially charged battle to save an underground subculture that has largely remained undiscovered by the mainstream. 

"Like such trendsetting classics as Paris Is Burning and Rize, this kaleidoscopically vibrant, essential-viewing survey plunges audiences into a dazzling underground scene, celebrating the endangered art form it finds there." Variety

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