Two Wolves + Q&A
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Two Wolves + Q&A

Dendy Cinemas Newtown
Sat Oct 13 2:00 PM

Dendy Newtown Cinema
General Admission
All Ages
85 Mins | Australia | 2018 | 15 + | World Premiere
Sat Oct 13

Director Daniel White and his brother Jaymes have a family tradition. Each Christmas morning they open their presents and laugh with their siblings. And after that, the brothers head out to the backyard and proceed to beat the living shit out of each other. Thinking it would make for an interesting documentary, Daniel set out with his colleague William Hadinata to tell the tale of this off-the-wall dogfight. But as White and Hadinata dive deeper into the story, they find a decade-long saga of both disconnection and the non-stop care that has kept these flawed beings together. With searing honesty, Two Wolves explores what makes up the bond of a family.

Includes Q&A with directors Daniel White and William Hadinata.