Samouni Road
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Samouni Road

Dendy Cinemas Newtown
Sun Oct 14 3:00 PM

Dendy Newtown Cinema
General Admission
All Ages
128 Mins | France, Italy | 2018 | 15 + | Australian Premiere
Thu Oct 11

Sun Oct 14

On the rural outskirts of Gaza City, a small community of farmers is about to celebrate a wedding: the first celebration since the end of the latest war. Amal, Fuad, and their brothers and cousins have lost parents, houses and olive trees. Their neighbourhood is being rebuilt, and as they replant trees and plough fields, they also face their most difficult task: piecing together their own memories. Told through the recollections of these young survivors, Samouni Road is a deep and multifaceted portrait of a family before, during and after a tragic and life-changing event. This beautiful and clever mix of live action, scratchboard animation and drone footage recreations won the Golden Eye (Best Documentary) award at this year’s Cannes Film Festival.

"Destined to become a touchstone in the cinematic representation of the Strip."  Variety