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Juan Pablo Polanco, César Alejandro Jaimes
Sun Oct 20 6:00 PM

Dendey Newtown 2
General Admission
Sun Oct 20

Sat Oct 26

On a windy night in the Colombian desert, young indigenous Wayúu woman Doris dreams of being reunited with a deceased cousin. When she wakes and shares the encounter with her grandmother, they agree that the vision suggests the beginning of an ancient ritual, one central to their culture’s relationship with death, dreams and memory. According to custom, Doris must travel to her cousin’s grave and exhume the body from its coffin. Only after she cleanses her cousin’s bones will the physical and spiritual barriers of death crumble. Mirroring the Wayúu traditional belief that the dead coexist with the living, filmmakers César Alejandro Jaimes and Juan Pablo Polanco present an eerie, dreamlike and visually hypnotic examination of tradition and ritual that blurs Western concepts of loss and time.