Italo Disco: The Sparkling Sound of the 80s
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Italo Disco: The Sparkling Sound of the 80s

Sun Oct 23 6:30 PM
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Dendy Newtown
General Admission
Sat Oct 15

Sun Oct 23

Kitschy trash or misunderstood genius? Italo Disco. The Sparkling Sound of the 80s immerses the audience in a musical universe of an era. An era where millions of young people would let loose to a wild beat made from synthetic and captivating melodies, weird English lyrics, electronic rhythms and visionary music videos. This music was fueled by the hopes and dreams of young musicians who were capable of releasing mind-blowing pop, and always moving between trash and brilliance. Featuring essential tracks like ‘Dirty Talk’ by Klein + M.B.O, accompanied by extravagant 1980s graphics and wonderfully cheesy video clips, this film is the perfect introduction to Italo-disco’s worldwide impact on the sound and aesthetics of club culture.  

Screens with Distant Planet: The Six Chapters of Simona

Supported by Italian Cultural Institute and German Films