Island of The Hungry Ghosts + Q&A
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Island of The Hungry Ghosts + Q&A

Chauvel Cinemas
Fri Oct 12 9:00 PM
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Chauvel Cinema 1
General Admission
Best Documentary winner at Tribeca, Island of The Hungry Ghosts is a haunting profile of Christmas Island and its forgotten asylum seekers, that overflows with empathy and poetry. The Australian territory is home to one of the largest land migrations on earth – 40 million crabs journeying from jungle to sea. But the island holds a high- security facility where asylum seekers are detained indefinitely. Australian director Gabrielle Brady’s hypnotic documentary focuses on Poh Lin, a trauma therapist who lives with her family in this place of hostile and wild landscapes. Every day, she talks with the asylum seekers, attempting – tirelessly – to support them in a situation that is as unbearable as its outcome is uncertain.   

"A film that demonstrates extraordinary mastery of the full symphonic range of cinematic tools: cinematography, editing, score, sound design and, perhaps greatest of all, an exquisite use of metaphor ... a film that moved us deeply, impressed us immensely, and made us feel we were witnessing nothing less than an emergence, fully formed, of a major new cinematic talent."   Tribeca Jury Statement

Producer Alex Kelly is a guest of the festival and will take part in a Q&A after the screening.

Co-presented with Amnesty International Australia, The Saturday Paper and The Monthly.