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Dendy Cinemas Newtown
Sat Oct 13 12:00 PM

Dendy Newtown Cinema
General Admission
90 Mins | France | 2017 | 15 + | Sydney Premiere
Sat Oct 13

Winner of the Venice Film Festival’s Special Jury Prize, Caniba is a harrowing engagement with the sheer presence of Issei Sagawa, a man who did the unthinkable: murdered a student and ate part of her in Paris in 1981. In this deeply disturbing and unconventional interview from the makers of Leviathan (Antenna 2013), Sagawa attempts to explain his actions, while detailing his subsequent career writing novels, drawing manga and even filming pornography inspired by his crimes. Caniba uses this modern-day instance of cannibalism to raise questions about repulsion, desire and madness, revealing the crime as something far more intrinsic to the human condition than most of us suppose. 

"Confrontational cinema is an understatement when it comes to Caniba."  Film Enquiry


Co-presented with the Sydney Underground Film Festival