Antenna DocTalk 2022

Antenna DocTalk 2022

Fri Feb 4 10:00 AM

Powerhouse Museum
General Admission
Fri Feb 4

DocTalk is a full-day industry event featuring a curated program of masterclasses and panels from a range of leading international and Australian filmmakers and industry figures. Directors, producers, commissioning editors, funders and other key stakeholders provide unique perspectives and insider knowledge of what’s happening right now across the industry.



Jessica Harrop | USA

“Science documentary” often conjures images of a half-hour presenter-led public broadcaster piece – information not artistry, TV not cinema. Sandbox Films is one of the most exciting new companies working to reimagine and reinvigorate the science doc and bring it to new audiences. In this talk we will hear from Co-Founder and Head of Production and Development Jessica Harrop on Sandbox’s boundary-breaking methods. In the short time since inception they have launched the Sandbox Fund, administered by the Sundance Institute, that offers grants and mentorship to independent artists, they have premiered films at major global festivals (scooping a Special Jury Prize at Sundance along the way) and have had films acquired by Apple, Netflix, BBC and more. Their model includes artist- and filmmaker-led approaches, experimentation, inclusivity and an ethical financing model that upends traditional practice.



Brett Story | Canada

Story. Main character. Three acts. Heroic journey. Climax. Resolution. Nothing else seems to suffice in today’s documentary marketplace. It is parroted by gatekeepers and dutifully absorbed by filmmakers who pummel their ideas into the nominated shape. But why has story become the documentary world’s most privileged, some say unassailable, form? Is the story form natural, primordial and universal all at once? In this talk, filmmaker Brett Story (The Hottest August, Antenna 2019), will present a different view that will challenge this assumption, offering a fresh perspective on the role of “storytelling” in our industry.

Supported by the Consulate General of Canada



Alex Kelly, Claire Marshall, Jennifer Peedom, Julia Scott-Stevenson | Australia

Sea levels are rising, summers are wreaking hellfire across our landscape… We know this. But is there a way to reframe the discussion – to imagine the possibilities in the face of the great climate challenge, without either eliding the threat or sliding into despair? How can we envision a way forward, to not just a liveable future, but a thriving one? The panel will discuss harnessing the artistic form to shift our understanding of what’s important and create a space for these possible futures. Speakers include filmmaker and impact producer Alex Kelly, transmedia and futures researcher Claire Marshall, filmmaker Jennifer Peedom and immersive media researcher Dr Julia Scott-Stevenson.



Vitaly Mansky, Aliaksei Paluyan, Reka Valerik | Russia, Belarus, Chechnya

When a repressive state cracks down on freedom of speech and image, filmmakers fight back with their imagination. To avoid censorship, imprisonment, torture or death they use allegory, poetry, fiction, Aesopian language, silence, absence, symbolism, metaphor, synecdoche, metonym and gesture. Does this mean repression actually encourages creativity? Are these imaginative strategies for counter-attack even available to documentary filmmakers? Just how creative can they be if every tactic involves obscuring actuality and stepping back from the truth-claims of the documentary form? This is the point at which politics clash with aesthetics. Panellists Vitaly Mansky, Aliaksei Paluyan and Reka Valerik ask if this is ever a productive clash. They explore the tensions and contradictions confronting an increasing number of documentary filmmakers around the world today. Do words and images have greater force behind veils? Can the imagination be free when it is in chains? Is censorship necessarily a threat to creativity? Does innovation need boundaries to push against? Does art only flourish when it is free or can it flourish under tyranny?

This event is made possible with the support of City of Sydney, Screen NSW, University of Technology Sydney (UTS), Museum of Applied Arts and Sciences, and IF Magazine

Fri Feb 4


Powerhouse Museum

500 Harris St Ultimo, NSW, 2007